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Eatance Pharmacy App offers a one-stop solution of online Pharmacy anytime, anywhere. Run the pharmacy business from receiving orders online and deliver life-saving medication at the doorstep.

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Medicine Delivery App Development For Online Pharmacy

Availing products and services at doorsteps is just one click away. Whether it’s grocery shopping or buying medicines, customers opt for online solutions rather than physical outlets. So, to pace-up with emerging market demand, why not set up your e-pharmacy? With booming usage of smartphones, numerous industries are widening their footprints by operating online. Having a pharmacy app will allow you to offer convenience, easy accessibility, and instill trust in your customers. We provide ready to use, bespoke, and customer-friendly mobile applications, including the admin website.

On-Demand Pharmacy App Development

For entering the digital sphere from the brick and mortar store, you might need an extra hand of support. We offer plenty of features that will enrich your digital presence and enhance the customer experience. The mobile applications can be tailor-made as per your requirements and Brand or design philosophy. By going online, you can attract the audience at a mass level. Our team of experts will assist you in this digital journey and ready to support you.

Premium Features

Pharmacy Mobile App

User Login/SignUp

A quick & straightforward registration process to start using the pharmacy delivery app.

Payment Options

Allow your customers to pay for their orders with multiple payment options like COD, debit/credit card, etc.

Manage Profile

Users can create and manage their profile with image, contact details, addresses, and much more.

Multiple Addresses

Have more than one place to party? Don’t worry. You could add multiple addresses, and at the checkout select the one where you need your pharmacy to be delivered.

Search Option

Customers can search for pharmacy products based on the category such as tablets, syrups, antioxidants, prescription & non-prescriptions, etc.

Product For You

A range of featured products is displayed under this section from the admin. E.g., general medicines, healthcare & nutrition products, etc.

Smart Find

Eatance pharmacy delivery app allows customers to do a smart search for medicines & also display the drug compositions and/or product classification.

Order Overview

Customers can see the order summary, price estimate in the cart, and much more before placing an order.

Order Tracking

Users can track orders in real-time with our on-demand pharmacy delivery app.

Promo Code

At the time of checkout, customers can choose a promo code to avail maximum benefit on his/her order.

View Product Details

Users will be able to view product details and can simultaneously add to cart from the details screen, saving time in checkout.

Order History

The on-demand pharmacy mobile app quickly allows you to re-order using your past order history, showing product and price details.

Order Invoice

A user can also get the invoice of the order placed at the registered email address during the signup process.

Review & Ratings

A customer can share their experience by posting their ratings and reviews regarding the services received on the pharmacy delivery app.

Social Share

The pharmacy delivery app allows users to share app via social media platforms as well as leave app reviews in the play store.

Multi-language Support

To provide a hassle-free experience, the pharmacy delivery app does support multi-language to cater to a broader audience range.

Multiple Deliveries

With the Eatance Pharmacy delivery app, you can manage and view multiple delivery orders after assigning delivery tasks.

Track Route

Driver app allows you to quickly navigate to a customer's location by viewing the delivery route.

New Orders Notifications

Receive push notifications for all the new orders on delivery of medicine etc. through the pharmacy delivery app.

Accept/Reject New Orders

Based on the availability, either accept or decline a new order on the on-demand pharmacy delivery mobile app.

Customer Details

Ensuring that all the relevant customer information is available to the medicine store to provide uninterrupted service.

Multi-language Support

The on-demand pharmacy delivery app solution consists of multiple language support for delivery agents.

Live Tracking

Using GPS and Google Maps, users and admin can see the vehicle location on the entire route in real-time.

Driver Earnings

Drivers can keep track of their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings on the Eatance pharmacy delivery app.

Manage Products

Classify & manage the updated listings on the Eatance pharmacy delivery mobile app as per the product in stock or not.

Order Status

Receive all the order notifications with detailed status of every order placed & processed.

Manage Customers

Admin can learn about user statistics, check reviews, and stores they prefer to make an informed decision.

Custom Notifications

Send custom notifications to customers and partners via text, emails, and/or app notifications.

Payment & Offers

Handle payments and offers towards orders processed via an interactive dashboard on the pharmacy delivery app.

Categories & Brands

Manage various medicine categories & brands as per the demand or discount & offer on the Eatance - the best pharmacy delivery app.

Manage Offers & Discounts

Admin can run different offers on the pharmacy delivery app and discounts to users & partnering medicine stores to optimize business sales.

Create Multiple User

With the ability to access settings and to ease store management, admins can create multiple user accounts.

Review & Ratings

Admin can manage reviews & ratings posted or shared by users and delivery providers.

Order Invoice

Admin can successfully manage details of all users and the digital invoices containing particulars of the delivery, charges, tax, offers, etc.


At the click of a button, admin can generate revenue reports to make data-backed decisions to grow business.

Multi-language Support

The admin panel is supporting multiple languages, making it easier and seamless to operate the on-demand pharmacy delivery mobile app.

Payment Support

The Eatance Pharmacy app supports a wide list of payment options. Allow your customer to choose from their favoured payment mode.

Just The Way You Like It

The app is so simplistic in design that it can be tailor-made as per your business specifications and other needs.

Set Reminder

One can set a reminder for the medicines as when to take, which ones to take and also as per the dosage suggested by physicians.

Look For Alternative

With just a quick search, the Eatance pharmacy app lets you find the substitute of your prescribed medicines.

Store Management

Eatance pharmacy app is your online medicine store with all the details in a structured manner which you can manage with a powerful interface.

Talk to Consultant

Lend a helping hand to your customers when in need. Help them schedule and contact a medical consultant to make an informed decision.

Beautiful Interface

Flourish Your Medicine Delivery Business Online

Eatance Pharmacy app is the safest & secure app to run your pharmacy business online with on-demand solutions & interactive user experience.


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We have set of pre-developed base solution for our all iOS and Android customers, a strong web panel for specialized pharmacists and panel for admins to manage orders. However, the apps are developed considering the marketing needs of the clients, feature addition, and custom integration are also provided on the client’s request. Therefore, time varies in catering to different clients. 

The cost of pharmacy app development depends on your business requirements. If you go with ready to use on-demand app development, then the cost will be much cheaper and on the other hand if customization & addition of feature is required, then the budget would be slightly higher.

The medicine delivery app facilitates customers to order medicines online. Customers can avail medicines at their doorsteps, this gives them convenience and easy accessibility. With an online store, pharmacies can increase its outreach and build brand loyalty among customers.

The Eatance pharmacy app is for those who wish to establish their medicine delivery business online. You can benefit most from our on-demand pharmacy app solution if you are either an existing small medicine vendor or a pharmacy shop owner or wish to establish a new online medicine delivery startup.

The core technology on which the Eatance Pharmacy app is built with are React Native & CodeIgniter as back-end.

Awards & Recognition

Benefits of Our Pharmacy App Development

  • No need to travel

    Customers are delivered medicines at their doorsteps by just placing an order.

  • Privacy of a buyer

    In a physical store, buyers may face uncomfortable situation while purchasing prescribed medicines but with an app, the anonymity of the buyers remain intact and they can comfortably buy medicines.

  • Easy to track order

    After placing an order, the customers can track their orders from the pharmacy to their doorsteps in real-time to ensure the speed of the delivery.

  • Detailed product information

    Customers can easily read the specification and reviews

  • Push notification

    With an Online pharmacy app, buyers will not miss out on offers, daily alerts, or run out of medicines.

  • Easy to navigate

    Apps developed by us are highly interactive and quickly navigates the products searched by the customers.

  • Uploading prescription

    Customers can upload the doctor’s prescription and can look for right medication.

  • Online Payment

    We provide multiple payment options

Custom solution for every business model

Individual Store

Convert your store into e-pharmacy and grow business with engaging mobile application. We develop on-demand pharma delivery app with utmost expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Chain business

In order to serve large customer base, your business requires digital presence. With our customisable pharma app, your customers can easily navigate and can have valuable buying experience.


To ace in the highly competitive pharma industry, having digital presence is of utmost importance. This will expand your business outreach and would accelerate profit ratio.

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